Opportunity to become an Id-It® partner

Identification Marking Solutions CC t/a Id-It® is a proudly South African business that specialises in the marking, identification and traceability of personal and corporate assets and vehicles. We need to partner with individuals who want to join us in Crime and Loss Prevention, job creation and earn an income, part-time or fulltime.

Like in many other countries, South Africa has a high crime rate. During the past few years the whole world experienced an economic recession and many countries reportedly experienced a dramatic increase in some property-related crimes. Id-It® is addressing combating crimes such as hi-jacking, vehicle theft, burglaries, common theft, house and business robberies. This involves engraving of permanent identification marks, microdotting and recording of valuables at a person’s home and business. A minimum of 10 000 microdots are brought onto different parts of a vehicle according to SANS 534. A corporate and household microdot kits consist of 3000(three thousand) microdots to be fitted to valuable assets. Clear and visible warning signs are then attached to the premises and asset or vehicle.

We have a secured national database where all the owners, items serial numbers, and unique microdot PIN of each asset are recorded. Apart from reducing the attractiveness of valuable property and parts marked vehicles to criminals, Identification Marking Solutions also facilitates the return of lost or stolen property to their owners. This is done by marking the asset or vehicle in whole as well as parts thereof being seen as “contaminated” seeing that no part can be used or resold without being identified.

Microdot technology

Microdot Technology is a process of spraying thousands of microscopic dots onto vehicles or other assets in order to provide a unique identification. Each Microdot carries this unique identification which is registered to the owner, but is not visible to the naked eye. Microdot Technology is used in an attempt to combat car theft and has also been used in the recovery of vehicles which have been stolen.


Want to become an Id-It® Partner?

Our partners receive training manuals with all the necessary information to start and conduct the business. Partners whom wish to fit microdots to vehicles for Police Clearance or just as a deterrent for vehicle theft and hijacking purposes will be trained by Id-It® in person. These applicants must have no criminal record as they will have to undergo a Police Clearance.

We are looking for people who have the following qualities:

  • Self-Motivated and Disciplined
  • Good Communication & Sales Skills
  • People Orientated (outgoing and enjoy communicating with others)
  • No previous criminal convictions as applicants will be required to undergo a Police Clearance (only for applicants whom wishes to fit microdots to vehicles)
  • Should be of respectable appearance
  • Our partners must always be willing to learn and undergo further training if the need arises.
    Must be computer literate and have internet access
  • Will need between R 1 500.00 to R 10 000.00 to start operating depending which option of the business you would like to operate, the area and courier services


Why become an Id-It® Partner?

  • Minimal start-up cost, basic accessories needed to start operating
  • Training and support
  • Low overheads
  • Unlimited market
  • Start on a full or part time basis
  • Low Risk
  • Total Flexibility
  • Not necessary to carry excessive stock


There are 5 different options of business ventures available:

1. Fitment of microdots to vehicles, trailers, motorbikes and caravans for Police Clearance, or just the fitment of microdots as a deterrent for vehicle theft and hi-jacking. This option is recommended for persons whom are in business already and supplement their current business or existing microdot fitters whom are using the compressor method of fitment.
2. Fitment of microdots to vehicles, trailers, motorbikes and caravans for Police Clearance or just the fitment of microdots as a deterrent for vehicle theft and hi-jacking as well as microdotting, engraving and recording of household and corporate assets.
3. The microdotting, engraving and recording of household and corporate assets only.
4. Engraved marking and recording of household, corporate assets without any microdot fitments.
5. The marketing and promotion of the above opportunities.

If you believe you have what it takes and meet the above criteria to become an Id-It® Partner, please complete the application form and if your application is successful, join us in the fight against crime.

We are looking forward to have you on our team!!